About TenisiTech

A true IT partner, not just a vendor.

Passionate, Accountable, Experienced, Solution Focused Team

Working with our clients, we build a non-transactional relationship which allows us a true partnership, not just another expense line on the budget. Our flat rate pricing is an incentive for us to develop lasting solutions that reduce downtime and the need for tech support — both time and money.

We hire passionate, solutions-oriented IT. They get compensated based on creating problem-free IT environments, not on the number of hours they spend fixing things that shouldn’t be going wrong in the first place. This promotes accountability and results in a smoother technology experience for our clients and their teams.


Sarah Tenisi

Our CEO, Sarah Tenisi, has spent more than 20 years in enterprise environments at Adobe and WageWorks. Sarah received her B.S. in MIS (Management Information Systems) from Santa Clara University. Focused on providing excellent IT services and leadership, she started TenisiTech in 2012.

The Team

Carlo Cacciatore

Vice President of Operations

Our Partner and VP of Operations, Carlo Cacciatore, has spent the last 8 years at TenisiTech building an enterprise service department. Focused on providing excellent IT services and defining IT leadership, he supports clients by building an IT strategy aligned with their business goals and a roadmap and budget to achieve that IT strategy. See full bio.

Cecilia Cacciatore

Director of Client Services

Cecilia has spent the last 7 years at TenisiTech helping clients streamline and simplify their IT environments. Focused on providing excellent IT services and defining IT leadership, she understands clients’ unique needs “born in the cloud” and gets them organized around solid processes and procedures to help them scale in a secure and compliant way. See full bio.

Danny Garcia

Client Lead

Danny has 10-plus years in corporate IT with a focus on delivering quality IT service to his partners and aligning the business needs and goals with IT strategy. Along with experience revamping processes and procedures with the help of automation, Danny looks to build a solid IT foundation for the ever-changing and fast-paced world of technology and business productivity with a focus on security and modernization. See full bio.

See how we’ve helped CEOs accomplish big goals.

I wanted to take a moment and share how impressed I have been with the TenisiTech team. We have pondered a few times what this transition to a telehealth model would look like if we hadn’t made a shift in our IT structure when we did. Our internal team seems happy with both the coaching and new technology being utilized. I am hearing from staff that they feel responded to and their problems are being efficiently addressed. My own experience has been fantastic. I am truly grateful to be in partnership with you and your team

– Allison Becwar, President & CEO, Lincoln Families