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Accelerate Velocity

Achieving the velocity and performance to run software, process data and build tools is an iterative process that requires attention to detail and the experience to know when something is working as required. These can be difficult skills to develop, but given the time, can result in a better end product.

Optimize Server Settings to get The Most of Your Hardware
There are dozens, if not hundreds, of configuration options available for both software and hardware. These settings can be combined in different ways to process different types of data and run different programs. Knowing how to evaluate these options and how to test them iteratively enables solution architects to achieve the best optimization.

Data Driven Network Optimization and Upgrades
Once server and software settings are configured, benchmarking and evaluating the combination of those settings needs to be done. Without a detailed performance analysis of the results of the settings, it’s difficult to determine whether they are the right ones.

Hardware and Software Upgrades
Keeping up-to-date with hardware and software upgrades and what those upgrades encompass can be one way to accelerate velocity. If you think about the performance enhancements that come out with each iteration of an Intel chip, you can remember when technology didn’t move as quickly.

Evaluate New Technology for Productivity Gains
New hardware (like GPUs and the Xenon Phi) and software versions are released all the time. It’s important to understand what gains you can achieve with new releases. Staying up-to-date on new hardware, tools and software and having the skills to evaluate them as they become available can allow a company to take advantage of cutting edge technology advances.