Benefits Overview

Benefits Overview 2017-06-01T05:48:54+00:00

The Benefits of Working with TenisiTech

TenisiTech provides IT Services to help companies build the IT foundation required to realize their business goals and best serve their clients. Once that IT foundation is in place, we manage the IT evolution of the business to ensure that IT continues to be a tool not a hindrance. We accomplish these goals by providing experienced, highly-technical personnel to implement this foundation, IT management resources to define IT strategy and drive projects forward, and day-to-day desktop support and systems administrators to keep things running smoothly. Our focus on service and experience working within IT departments, provides clients with essential services without the hassle of recruiting, managing or needing to assess proposed projects with scrutiny. We take IT off the list of challenges on which management needs to focus and allow our clients to focus on their core business.

Improve Security

Use layered approach to provide the most secure environment.


Boost Efficiency

Allow your business to respond with agility and speed as requirements change.


Reduce Risk

Setup processes, procedures and use tools to identify risks and maintenance needs.


Accelerate Velocity

Achieve better velocity and performance for running software, processing data and building tools.


Increase Yield

Fine tune and streamline processes to increase productivity and thereby yield.


Evolve Your IT

A strong foundation allows you to take advantage of new technologies and services that will better prepare you for growth and success.


Now What?

Call us at (408) 892-0443 to schedule a free 2-hour assessment.

We will come to your offices and ask an in-depth series of questions that will help us get to know your company both from an IT standpoint and a cultural standpoint. At the end of the meeting we’ll give you a set of recommendations and suggestions that will get you on the right path.