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Boost Efficiency

Maintaining efficiency allows the business to respond with agility and speed as things change. Anticipating problems and addressing them before they become an issue is one way to boost and maintain efficiency.

Hardware Refresh Planning
Proactively planning to upgrade hardware allows IT teams to optimize hardware life expectancy without sacrificing support resources and money. Computers and servers have a use expectancy of three to five years. Once the life expectancy is reached it is often times less expensive to replace the hardware than it is to support failing hardware. IT can accurately plan for hardware refreshes by using asset management platforms that include information on the frequency of hardware issues and warranty information. By implementing a monthly or quarterly refresh schedule, both Finance and IT are aware of the costs and expected time for replacing hardware.

Use Automatic, Standard Tools
One of the primary ways to realize efficiency is via automation and standardization. Using automatic, standard tools for repetitive tasks like server imaging, configuration management and some types of break/fix support allows IT to focus on projects and more complex issues. Having fewer vendors with the same capabilities within an environment is better. Standards allow your IT team focus their energy on one platform or product thereby increasing efficiency.It’s easier to know one platform versus several platforms really well. Automation is also a great way to increase efficiency. For example, automatic patching solutions can be implemented to ensure that servers have the latest security and critical patches as they are released.  These tools can be configured to install off hours to minimize user impact. Another example of automation and standardization in one solution set are imaging solutions for servers and workstations and virtualization templates for virtual machines. These tools help keep server and computer configurations synced in a fraction of the time.

Collaboration Between Business Units And IT
Frequent meetings between IT and Business Units will ensure that IT is aware of and can plan for large-scale business projects. These meetings also provide a good platform for Business Units to discuss and evaluate productivity tools that could increase their efficiency. As good IT partner, TenisiTech will listen to your requirements and develop solutions that will meet your various requirements. Technology changes often, so by the time you have a need, there is generally a tool or service that can be implemented to meet that need.