Account Manager (Full-Time) 

We’re looking to hire people with the potential to be the best Account Manager in this world. This person will be the extension of the arms and legs of the person(s) they support and establish a high-level partnership. We’re headquartered in California, but the job’s location can be anywhere in the US. Work will mostly be via web and phone and hours of work will be based on US-West coast time. All training and work will be done remotely wherever you are, but you need to have a reliable internet connection.

About TenisiTech

Our mission is to protect our clients by solving hard and complicated problems. We focus on delivering security, service, and productivity by simplifying and modernizing IT environments. We take the responsibility of managing our clients’ IT environment seriously and in so doing:

  • Create non-transactional relationships with our clients and our employees to strengthen the partnership.
  • Provide expert-level enterprise IT leaders to build and manage our execution of the strategy, including building processes and procedures that comply with applicable regulatory requirements.
  • Hire passionate IT people who want to execute modern strategies and support our clients’ staff.

Job Description

We are seeking an experienced and dynamic Sales Representative to join TenisiTech’s vibrant team. The ideal candidate will have a proven track record in sales, excelling in creating and nurturing business relationships, and a knack for strategic planning and execution. This role demands a high level of adaptability and a flair for effective communication, both internally and with clients.


  • You have at least 1 year of successful experience working remotely
  • You have experience working in a fast-paced and high-volume environment and/or as an Admin at the Executive level
  • Proficiency with Mac OS or Windows OS
  • Proficiency in the Office Suite

What kind of person are we looking for?

  • Expert English Speaker: You need to be able to expertly speak and write fluent English at the native level.
  • Self-Confident: You can communicate professionally and confidently with seasoned business contacts. Heck, you would even impress the President of the United States.
  • Highly Communicative: You believe that many issues and challenges do not even arise if you communicate well. You cannot remember ever being accused of talking too little.
  • Attention to Detail: You love details – if you could, you would grow them in your yard, feed them daily, and never let one get away.
  • Learning: You thrive on advancing your skills and knowledge and have done your share of self-learning.
  • Thinking Ahead: You enjoy thinking one step ahead for the people you work with, solving needs before they even arise in their minds.
  • Problem Solver: You have a proven skill of evaluating how to best solve a given (expected or unexpected) challenge. You believe there’s always a solution and you’ll find it faster than Indiana Jones.
  • Reliable and Professional: Within just a few short weeks, the person you’re supporting will build a high level of confidence and trust
  • You can write! You might not be the next Hemingway, but you enjoy writing well and get mad every time those silly little things like typos creep up on you.
  • Listening is an art form: You understand the value of listening and love collecting more information than just the words that are being said.
  • Technology is fun: You might not have earned the honors of being called a “geek” but if given a piece of technology (a service, software, or hardware), you will make it purr like a cat.

Key Responsibilities

Client Management:

  • Own assigned client relationships
  • Partner with IT Managers and Directors to determine client onboarding and strategy
  • Meet regularly with clients to discuss ongoing project work and partnership
  • Take notes during client calls and assign action items as necessary
  • Managing and pulling necessary reports and understanding metrics
  • Managing client communications
  • Processes: Helping coordinate stakeholders to build processes and spinning up templates
  • Scheduling onsite visits with technical resources and clients
  • Managing client helpdesk escalations and coordinating with the Service Desk Manager
  • QA/Manage escalation for employee onboarding tickets with the Service Desk Manager
  • Assist with Purchasing Process/Hardware standard documentation for new clients
  • Coverage of IT Managers and Directors when they are out of office
  • Client escalation point

Project Management:

  • Managing Project Management Tool (
  • Milestone and task tracking
  • Spin up new workspaces when new clients are onboarded
  • Scheduling meetings with key stakeholders, both internal and external
  • Pull necessary project reports (user lists, license counts, etc.)
  • Help with documentation and drafting communications
  • Send project communications
  • Track billable project hours

Any other responsibilities that might arise while performing this job

Job Type: Full-time
Pay: $45,000.00 – $52,000.00 per year


Health Benefits

Full-time employees are eligible for medical, dental, and vision benefits. The Company pays 70-100% of employee benefits, depending on the plan selected. You will become eligible for benefits on the first day of the month following your start date.

401K and Profit Sharing

Employees are eligible to participate in the 401(k) Plan offered through Empower as of your first anniversary with the Company. Plan entry dates are the 1st of January or the 1st of July, depending on your first anniversary. The company will contribute 3% of your salary regardless of your enrollment of the 401(k) Plan, once you are eligible for the program.

Employees will automatically be enrolled in the Company’s profit-sharing plan after their first month anniversary.

Short-term Disability & Life Insurance

The Company pays 100% of short-term disability and life insurance premiums.

PTO & Holidays

  • The Company offers 200 hours of PTO, per year.
  • The Company does not observe specific holidays as our work requires us to support our clients’ business hours. However, we do not expect employees to work on holidays. PTO should be taken for holidays you wish to observe.

Physical Demands and Work Environment

  1. Prospective employees must be physically fit to accommodate the typical office and extensive travel elements of this position. Candidates must have good hearing and speech for communication, alongside the ability to remain seated for prolonged periods, whether behind the wheel or on a plane. The job mandates regular travel by air, including the physical handling of luggage and adaptation to long-haul flights. Tasks may also require occasional standing, walking, reaching, climbing, or balancing, with a necessity for close visual focus. Light to moderate lifting capabilities (up to 40 pounds), along with the flexibility to stoop or crouch, are required. Clear vision for reading small print and safe vehicle operation completes the list of job prerequisites.

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