About TenisiTech

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About the Company

TenisiTech focuses on building scalable and stable IT infrastructure for growing businesses. With over 20 years of experience in IT management we are experts in server and network architecture, implementation and security, IT process development, vendor management and IT integration for mergers and acquisitions.

It is our mission to become your trusted IT partner by providing world-class service and forward-thinking consulting.

We Believe In:

  1. Transparency in communications with our clients
  2. Professionalism in every aspect of our business
  3. Ensuring any work we do is done efficiently and competently
  4. Building trust with our clients
  5. Providing support and advice to help growing businesses better manage IT for future needs

The TenisiTech Difference

  1. Stability and Longevity – We’ve been in the IT business for over 20 years giving us a wide breadth of experience, knowledge and understanding of growing IT needs.
  2. Professional Resources When You Need Them – Our skilled desktop engineers, network architects, Windows Server architects and experienced IT management experts are available on-demand.
  3. Recruiting & Hiring – Finding the right person for each of these roles is a big deal and can be challenging if you’re not sure what to look for. Not only is it critical to get the right hands on deck, it is expensive! By partnering with TenisiTech, you have the advantage of these crucial skill sets, when you need them. No need to hire architects on a full-time basis.
  4. Hands-On Management – Our management team is both strategic and technical. Our IT Directors and managers work with the team assigned to your account to make sure that any challenges are resolved and that you are back to work quickly.
  5. Balanced Remote & Onsite Services – Sometimes you can opt for an onsite team or an off-site team depending on the company that you partner with for IT services. We offer both in one easy to understand support package. If onsite desktop support is a must in your organization, we have the desktop support engineers you need – available full or part time.

Our Leadership

Sarah Tenisi, CEO

Sarah Tenisi is a hands-on leader in IT architecture and systems administration. She builds a culture of communication, collaboration, transparency and cross-functional accountability to deliver results.

Sarah started her IT career at Adobe Systems as a systems administrator and transitioned into management roles at WageWorks. While there, she built a national IT Services organization spanning 10 different offices. She helped the company grow from a private, 300 person company, to a publicly traded 1,000 person enterprise by managing IT integration projects for a number of acquisitions.

Sarah’s entrepreneurial drive led to the formation of TenisiTech. TenisiTech provides excellent IT services to growing companies by building enterprise grade IT foundations that help clients reach their goals and save money. She is passionate about IT as a service and makes it her mission to implement IT solutions whichimprove the overall work experience for her customers.