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Evolve IT

IT evolution happens as businesses grow. What you need when you have 10 employees differs significantly than when you have 100 employees. Working with a partner like TenisiTech, you will know what the IT environment should look like at each stage. It’s easy (or lazy) for an IT person to purchase a server that has more resources than needed and there’s a hefty price tag for that. It’s important to right-size from the start while providing plans for growth.

Build a Foundation
Every environment needs to establish a strong IT foundation that includes:

  • A network infrastructure that provides adequate bandwidth based on business needs, a wireless infrastructure and a VPN solution if employees will need remote access to the environment.
  • A domain that provides a platform for basic computer administration and user account administration.
  • An endpoint security platform that includes antivirus and antimalware programs.
  • A patching platform that allows administrators to centrally manage the OS patching of the environment.
  • Backup and recovery processes that allow for recovery of lost data.
  • IT hardware and equipment standards

Once the foundation is in place, specific requirements for a company’s product or services can be layered on top of it. Similarly, once an IT foundation is in place, it becomes easier to take advantage of new applications, new hardware and new solutions.

A good IT strategy for a growing company will include a plan for:

  • Server growth using virtualization
  • Encryption of client data and intellectual property
  • Network growth
  • A storage platform for sharing and storing company documents.
  • Onboarding new staff, dealing with data when staff leaves and providing day-to-day support.
  • Evaluating whether moving servers to a co-location facility or the cloud is a good option.