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Managed Service Provider and IT Partner

You need a Managed Service Provider to provide efficient, reliable IT support and a secure network. You want an IT Partner to help build the right infrastructure to achieve your business goals. Talk to us about serving both roles for your company.

Start with a FREE SESSION to solve your most pressing IT problem. We can direct you toward permanent solutions and let you know what it takes. 

We help define IT Leadership.

We solve problems, big messy IT problems, every day. But we do so much more. We help companies see what is possible when they make IT part of the management team and dream together. As IT Leaders, we don’t just solve problems, we help you achieve your business goals.

Turning IT Frustration into
IT Confidence

By solving your biggest frustrations with IT,
we give you confidence and peace of mind. Employees will become happier and more effective, fueling company success.

IT Leaders Bring Change that Grow Companies

Learn the key components for the success of an IT Manager and what makes an IT leader. Real IT Leaders deliver ROI and contribute to making audacious business goals possible.

Getting You the Best IT Service

No hourly billing. No bucket of hours. We set up our pricing structure such that we are incentivized to take ownership and responsibility for your IT.

What our Clients Say

I have been impressed with the TenisiTech team. We have pondered a few times what this transition to a telehealth model would have looked like if we hadn’t made a shift in our IT structure when we did.

– Allison Becwar, President & CEO, Lincoln Families

We are grateful for the quick turnaround in getting things up and running. We were experiencing a”worst case scenario” when we transitioned our IT and the way that you handled everything gives us incredible confidence in our partnership.

– Louis Marshall, Solutions Manager,  Officium Labs

Get Free advice. Valuable IT direction.

Talk with Sarah Tenisi of TenisiTech for 30 minutes about your IT issues, the IT infrastructure you currently have and your dreams for how IT might better serve your company.

This won’t include a full onsite evaluation of your IT infrastructure but you will get some of the best advice for your IT department and how to establish real IT leadership within your company.

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