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Managed IT Services

Our mission is to build an IT foundation and manage IT evolution to ensure that IT is a tool not a hindrance for our clients.

Why Managed Services?

Utilizing a managed service providers for IT support allows your company to outsource day-to-day desktop support and IT environment maintenance to a company that specializes in IT services. Working with a managed services vendor provides a cost effective way to ensure a high level support for IT services.

Our Managed Service Platform

TenisiTech manages IT services for both large and small companies by utilizing a comprehensive solution set. Our Managed Services Platform allows us to provide the following support to our clients:

  • A ticketing system to report IT issues
  • A phone number to contact IT support personnel
  • Remote desktop support tools that allow technicians to solve issues remotely
  • Desktop health monitoring
  • Patch Management
  • Deployment & management of antivirus & antimalware tools
  • Deployment & management of desktop backup tools
  • Deployment and management of full disk encryption

When Do I Need IT Services?

Consider using a managed services provider when:

  • You have more than 5 computers.
  • You are spending more than 4 hours a week supporting your computer or phone system.
  • You are not sure how to secure your computer and your clients’ data.
  • You are not sure how to get the IT services you need like email, data backups or specialized software that employees need
  • Your environment is experiencing slowness (networks or equipment) or you have been grappling with lingering problems.

The TenisiTech Difference

Though the above solution set is considered a standard offering by MSPs, TenisiTech provides an additional layer of partnership and support by:

  • Setting IT strategy and budgets that are reviewed quarterly Providing regular reports on server and workstation health
  • Creating documentation describing the IT environment and IT services in use within the company

Six Reasons to Hire TenisiTech

TenisiTech supports your small business as it does enterprise clients. We will do the following:

  1. Optimize IT infrastructure
  2. Centralize IT support
  3. Secure workstations to prevent data loss
  4. Document IT systems and services
  5. Provide strategy, direction and assistance to support business growth
  6. Increase employee productivity