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Business is taking off, but you are experiencing inconvenience when it comes to IT. You are concerned about common problems that new businesses face, including:

  • The direction and strategy around information technology. Maybe there is no IT strategy and you know you need one, but you don’t know where to start.
  • General security concerns and awareness. How do you know that what you have in place is sufficient to keep your business protected?
  • Slow or inconsistent network connectivity.
  • Productivity hiccups around sharing files, getting new employees up and running, knowing which IT tools and services to implement now versus later.
  • You just want IT to work!

Why TenisiTech? Industry Experience, Strategy, Vendor Management and Project Management

We have the industry experience to help you get your IT environment running smoothly. We will start by doing an in-depth assessment and by laying out the strategy to move you forward. Our decades of experience in the Silicon Valley give us the professional expertise to understand licensing requirements and IT pricing in the industry. Our vendor management skills have saved companies hundreds of thousands of dollars without cutting corners.

IT Director/CIO

You are busy supporting end users and keeping day-to-day projects moving — though things are getting done, you need some help. We get it. Our founder has been there, and has experienced the same scenarios:

  • A complex project is on the roadmap. The internal team doesn’t have the expertise to complete the project efficiently as this is new for them. There is no time to account for a learning curve.
  • Your team is out of bandwidth, but a high priority has just popped up and you need some coverage. Rearranging the current project work is not an option as the project in process are also high priority.
  • The projects needing attention keep piling up. You can see the light at the end of the tunnel, but some of the work needs to be completed first. Help during this busy time would make a huge difference.

Why TenisiTech? Technical Expertise, Professionalism, and Team Ethics

We are a great tool in your tool belt! We’ll make you look good by completing your projects on-time and on-budget and you’ll appreciate the professional, friendly manner with which we do it!

Venture Capitalist

Business is booming and you are funding a hot new idea with a great CEO at the helm. You want to ensure that your management team is going to get up and running quickly without worrying about IT budgets and productivity issues. Initial IT set up can go extremely smoothly and ensure that everyone is able to focus on the core aspects of the new company. At the same time you want to ensure that the company is not over spending on IT by overbuilding the environment. What type of equipment should be procured and from whom, what servers are needed, how should the network be configured, what tools do staff need to make it all happen? These are just a few of the questions that new companies need to ask and answer.

Why TenisiTech? Start-Up Experience, Strategy and Roadmap Development, Ability to Right Size – Not Oversize.

We are able to help companies determine what they need today while planning for the next stage of growth so improvements, upgrades and services can be rolled out as the business grows. We have helped companies from the beginning grow to hundreds of employees. Getting there is tough enough for an organization—we take the IT risk out of the equation and build the foundations upon which you can make it all happen!

Small Business

Even small businesses need an IT foundation to ensure that technology is a tool, not a hindrance. That said, many small companies use someone they know (see My Cousin’s Friend Sam) to help out with IT. With this arrangement it’s likely that you are unsure of the security or reliability of your IT environment and that’s where TenisiTech can help. We will help you get your IT foundation in place and documented, giving you confidence in your technology that you’ve likely never had. We’ll provide a streamlined IT foundation that allows us to provide the following support to you and your staff:

  • A ticketing system to report IT issues
  • A phone number to contact IT support personnel
  • Remote desktop support tools that allow technicians to solve issues remotely
  • Desktop health monitoring
  • Patch Management
  • Deployment & management of antivirus & antimalware tools
  • Deployment & management of desktop backup tools
  • Deployment and management of full disk encryption

Though the above solution set is considered a standard offering by MSPs, TenisiTech provides an additional layer of partnership and support by:

  • Setting IT strategy and budgets that are reviewed quarterly
  • Providing regular reports on server and workstation health
  • Creating documentation describing the IT environment and IT services in use within the company
  • Providing advice on hardware and software standards for the business.

When Do I Need IT Services?

Consider using a managed services provider when:

  • You have more than 5 computers.
  • You are spending more than 4 hours a week supporting your computer or phone system.
  • You are not sure how to secure your computer and your clients’ data.
  • You are not sure how to get the IT services you need like email, data backups or specialized software that employees need

Now What?

Call us at (408) 892-0443 to schedule a free 2-hour assessment.

We will come to your offices and ask an in-depth series of questions that will help us get to know your company both from an IT standpoint and a cultural standpoint. At the end of the meeting we’ll give you a set of recommendations and suggestions that will get you on the right path.