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Specialty Services

Mergers & Acquisition IT Integration

There is nothing more stressful than trying to manage the integration of IT systems in two different companies. Our founder gained valuable experience working on complex acquisition projects where she led company-wide IT operations integration projects. Through this experience she learned that the success of an integration project comes down to the following three factors:

  1. Gaining an in-depth understanding of the two IT environments.
  2. Taking the time upfront in planning and developing detailed migration plans.
  3. Communicating with stakeholders at both companies and continuing that communication throughout the entire process.

Projects that are typically tackled during mergers and acquisitions are very complex and could include the following:

  • Domain migration & consolidation
  • Email migration & consolidation
  • Network consolidation
  • Hardware refresh/standardization
  • Services (like mobile device programs, audio and web conferencing) consolidation

High Performance Computing Architecture & Implementation

TenisiTech can help you navigate this growing IT area with our combination of industry experience and high-tech knowledge. It allows us to architect and implement custom solutions without business disruption. Having completed numerous projects for biotech companies, we also partner with hardware vendors augmenting their available HPC resources. Our HPC architects have decades of experience optimizing servers for the big data environments and leverage those to build sustainable solutions.

HPC solutions typically include:

  • Interviewing key stakeholders regarding the business goals and requirements for data processing.
  • Identifying priority levels for processing different data (test/QA/production).
  • Evaluating the tools that you are running to process your data and recommend tweaks or upgrades to help with process efficiency.
  • Benchmarking the scripts and applications that are being used for data analysis.
  • Comparing benchmarks with server computational benchmarks to ensure that the hardware purchased will be the best for your solution. Bigger servers are not always better and we help avoid incorrect hardware decisions and right-size your server platform up front which often results a more efficient and less expensive solution.
  • Recommending HPC methodologies for your specific processing and data and implement the right solutions from the start.
  • Implementing processing queues and management strategies for priority levels.
  • Configuring monitoring and reporting services for the HPC environment.

Small Business Support

TenisiTech supports your small business as it does enterprise clients. Small businesses have IT challenges too. But many are not equipped to handle them, nor can they afford to hire dedicated personnel to manage them.

Some of the ways in which TenisiTech can support small businesses include:

  • Optimizing IT infrastructure
  • Centralizing IT support
  • Securing workstations to prevent data loss
  • Documenting IT systems and services
  • Providing strategic direction and assistance to support business growth
  • Increasing employee productivity through efficient IT systems