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IT Assessment

Our IT assessment is based on our full assessment that we do onsite with you. Working through the entire assessment often takes about four hours, but the in-depth review provides us with a clear understanding of the challenges that your organization faces as well how to build your stable IT foundation — something that is critical for all businesses. Once your foundational pieces are in place, specialized tools and services unique to your needs can be implemented.

This Assessment will help you:

  • Identify gaps in your current environment.
  • Provide awareness of technology that you could take advantage of to grow your business
  • Gauge the health of your IT infrastructure
  • Identify missing processes and procedures that could streamline support

IT Operations Maintenance List

Maintaining an IT infrastructure is no small task. Even companies with IT infrastructure in place have trouble keeping up with the work that goes into maintaining it. So we created an Operation Maintenance checklist that will help you identify deficiencies you may have and outlines those tasks that you should be completing regularly to keep your company running smoothly.

This checklist:

  • Outlines the tasks that should be done regularly
  • Suggests (via the highlighting) when/how often these tasks can or should be done
  • Provides a way to keep track of completed tasks

Personal Cyber Security “How To”

This “How To” List was developed because we believe that IT security is one of the areas of anxiety both for individuals and companies and it is often a topic that we get asked about. In fact, we regularly do presentations in which we endeavored to education and bring awareness to cyber security threats and provide some basic steps that you can take to better protect yourself and your devices. This simple checklist and instructions are provided to help people achieve best practices for securing both personal and work devices, computers and networks.

We believe that everyone can implement these security features and share these practices with friends and family. The more secure our friends and family, the more secure we all become.

You will learn how to:

  • Protect your computer through encryption
  • Enable Firewall protection
  • Install anti-virus software
  • Safely connect to the Internet