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 “TenisiTech has been a great IT partner for us. They have supported not just our national workforce, but also employees we have around the globe. They take an enterprise approach to projects – providing project plans and regular status updates to management… “

Marissa Dixon, Metabiota, Inc.

“The project TenisiTech did for us was a major success and was delivered on time and on budget. We were able to also show a lower cost of ownership, greater capabilities, and licensing leverage; allowing us to be agile and dynamic to meet the needs of the forever changing business landscape…”

Jay Smestad, Pacific Biosciences

“Sarah’s expertise is demonstrated by her clear understanding of both theoretical and practical elements of IT Security. Sarah has been a great resource for FEI members, for whom she created and presented a tactical guide for addressing personal cyber security…” 

Jack Longinotti, Mindremo HG LLC

“Cecilia and the TenisiTech team have been a great IT group for us. Their expertise in cloud management and ability to resolve issues in a timely manner helped create a productive environment for all employees…” 

Rebecca Benmahdi, Metabiota, Inc.

“TenisiTech showed me another way to do IT. I have worked in companies with 150-200 people before that had 3-4 internal IT staff. It was less efficient and more expensive than outsourcing to TenisiTech….” 

Michael Bell, Metabiota, Inc.

About You


You need to focus on strategically building your business not managing IT.

Venture Capitalist

You want to get the business you just funded up and running quickly.

IT Director

You need to keep IT running smoothly and manage the day-to-day requirements.

Small Business

You want to work on making your business successful not deal with IT issues.


Not sure if your IT is optimized for your growing business and staff requirements? Take our IT Assessment to find out.


Maintenance Plan

A good maintenance plan will keep your IT running smoothly. This will help you identify deficiencies that might become problematic.


Security Check

Do you know if your devices are really secure? Take the basic steps to protect yourself, your devices and your network.


“To err is human – and to blame it on a computer is even more so.”

– Robert Orben


Our focus on service and experience working within IT departments provides clients with essential services without the hassle of recruiting, managing or needing to assess proposed projects with scrutiny. We take IT off the list of challenges on which management needs to focus and allow our clients to focus on their core business.


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