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High-level IT consulting and day-to-day Managed IT Services for Southern California based mid-sized companies.

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Sarah Tenisi

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Looking for IT Services for Southern California business?

As a managed service provider, we will provide efficient, reliable IT support and a secure network. But, as your IT Partner, we help you to build the right infrastructure to achieve your business goals. That’s IT Leadership. It’s why so many companies in Southern California choose us as their IT consultant.

By solving your biggest frustrations with IT, we can give you confidence and peace of mind. This will also make your employees happier and more effective.

Value Pricing for Our Managed IT Services

Instead of billing you by the hour or project, we have flat-rate monthly pricing. This means we can take a holistic approach making sure your technology all works together and you get the most out of your technology investments. It also means that it is in OUR best interest to make sure your systems are running efficiently and problem-free.

For details on how our pricing works, see our Pricing page.

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IT Consulting to Move Your Business Forward.

Strategy and long term IT planning from security to compliance and cloud services

Defining IT Leadership with Best in Class IT and CIO Level Expertise.

Full Management of your day-to-day IT needs — Hardware, software, network and help desk