Major Awards

HDI Team Certified Pinnacle of Excellence Award

The HDI Team Certified Pinnacle of Excellence Award is for support centers with four or more employees where 100% of the members have earned HDI certification.

An HDI certification is a type of certification used by those in technical support roles, which might include technical customer service or desktop support, but can range from entry-level to director. Our team members were certified in the following roles:

  • HDI Customer Service Representative
  • HDI Support Center Analyst
  • HDI Desktop Advanced Support Technician
  • Knowledge Centered Support Foundation

You must be superbly proficient in these roles to garner this designation and pass all the sophisticated testing. Our team has always had this level of knowledge and expertise, but this industry standard certification provides confirmation of our high level of expertise. The award is for our company-wide team currently holding these certifications.

See our certification.