Cloud Services

Be more productive with less downtime.

Cloud Services

The pandemic fast-tracked the adoption of cloud transformation across the globe. Those who were still uncomfortable with cloud services and technology realized it was these very services that would enable their business to continue working through the toughest challenge the global community has ever had to face.

We focus on two areas of cloud services within your IT environment.

Cloud transformation – What can be moved to the cloud? Which type of cloud computing is best suited for your applications?

Digital transformation – We work with business teams and organizational units to determine which processes are cumbersome. What manual processes can be digitized? How can we use technology to maximize productivity, cost-effectiveness, and security?

Cloud Transformation

Migrating to the cloud doesn’t have to be scary. We guide you through it step-by-step to make sure it’s done correctly.

Evaluation and Assessment

We evaluate your current IT investment and maintenance/contract end dates for hardware, software, and services to plan the right time and method for cloud migration — at a pace that works for you.

Planning and Implementation

We consider these cloud computing service options based on your needs and then make sure they are implemented properly and efficiently.

SaaS – Software as a Service, your most vendor-managed option

IaaSInfrastructure as a Service, your more IT-managed option

PaaS – Platform as a Service, an even mix of vendor and IT management required

For a detailed explanation of these options, read: Building Out Your Cloud Service


  • Flexibility allows employees to work better from anywhere
  • Rapid scalability regardless of technology infrastructure
  • Simplifies technology infrastructure
  • Reduces hardware costs
  • Lowers disaster impact
  • Increases data security

The simplicity of cloud services

Here’s a visual comparing the complexity of on-premise servers to a cloud-based one.

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Complex on-premise IT infrastructure requires more management time, resulting in less resiliency.

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Use of cloud services simplifies IT management, generating savings and better resiliency.

Digital Transformation

Cloud services are an essential part of a larger movement – digital transformation. At its core, this movement is about working smarter through automation, analytics, technology-assisted workflows.

Evaluation and Assessment

Our broad experience working strategically with clients helps to evaluate cumbersome, manual processes to determine where technology can be streamlined. For instance, most slow, time-intensive paper processes, reporting and even manual document signing can be eliminated.

Planning and Implementation

We understand how automation, analytics, technology-assisted tools work so we can create and implement a plan that is best suited to your workflows and processes including expense reporting, document collaboration through cloud file sharing, digital signature software, and the use of web conferencing solutions


  • Streamlining paper processes
  • Provide better expense, sales and data reporting
  • Simplifies document collaboration and file sharing
  • Increases productivity with better web conferencing solutions

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