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  • Industry: Bio-tech
  • Geography: Silicon Valley
  • Employees: 450


The company had a legacy Exchange 2010 and SharePoint 2010 environment and no in-house expertise for managing Exchange or migrating to Microsoft’s O365 cloud infrastructure.  They were ready to move to Microsoft’s O365. To allow the internal team time to upgrade encryption clients and MS Office versions, we took a hybrid approach to the migration.


TenisiTech configured a hybrid Exchange environment to utilize the existing on-premise Exchange servers and Microsoft’s O365 Exchange environment at the same time. This allowed us to migrate mailboxes to the cloud in stages with zero impact to employees. No service interruption occurred and all email was moved successfully.

Once all users had been moved to the cloud, a cut-over was performed so all mail was routing through the cloud service and the on-premise servers could be decommissioned.


The big win was employees having a new and improved Office 2016 suite, allowing them to leverage the newest collaboration features made available with OneDrive for Business.

From an IT perspective, the project was a huge win due to the unnoticeable email change. Not only was there zero negative impact to employees, IT could eliminate their Exchange infrastructure and reduce the number of file servers within the environment. They no longer must worry about maintaining onsite servers for email. Exchange management tasks are now performed in the cloud and can be accessed from anywhere, anytime.

Company Profile:

  • Industry: Non-profit social services provider
  • Geography: Multiple sites in Santa Clara County
  • Employees: 220


The agency was focused on providing services to people throughout Santa Clara County. They transitioned from a paper-based business to one interested in leveraging information technology tools 7 years prior to our engagement. Upon our arrival, none of their legacy IT systems (network, Citrix, file servers, etc.) were working optimally. Additionally, they were lacking the basic IT foundation that would allow them to provide their services to more clients.

Our job was to provide a fully outsourced IT department including comprehensive onsite desktop support, server and network infrastructure support and high level reporting of all major tasks, issues and accomplishments to the executive team on a regular basis.


TenisiTech became their IT partner and took responsibility for all things IT-related. These included server and network infrastructure, end user computer maintenance, software and applications implementation and management and development of IT policies and procedures.

We began by implementing the basics:

  • A redesigned, optimized network architecture
  • Monitoring tools for the network and servers
  • A backup solution for their servers
  • Ticketing system for taking in IT requests and managing assets
  • Standard IT onboarding and termination procedures

Beyond the basics, we also tackled the following (among other things):

  • Moved them into a large facility/built new & improved infrastructure
  • Designed a redundant server environment
  • Virtualized the server environment
  • Implemented a VoIP phone system
  • Citrix upgrades, optimization and management
  • Implementation of an email and web gateway security tool
  • Implemented encryption for email
  • Implementation of encryption for all laptops
  • Implemenation of video conferencing
  • 24×7 response to outages


Employee productivity skyrocketed. There were no longer major server outages and employees could accomplish their daily tasks with little to no interruption attributed to IT systems. Employees could work anytime from anywhere.

The agency’s IT environment was secure, reliable and provided a platform for the company to serve more clients than ever before.

Company Profile:

  • Industry: Regional public transportation agency
  • Geography: Offices and facilities across the San Francisco Bay Area
  • Employees: 3,000


This agency was using Novell directory services which did not allow for the granular computer and user policies required to meet regulatory requirements, modernize the IT infrastructure, or implement best-in-class IT solutions.

Due to the non-standard nature of computers and naming conventions, using automated tools would be difficult.

Ensure no impact to employees.


To minimize organizational impact, the TenisiTech team developed a migration schedule, and procedures for joining computers to the new domain and migrating user profiles. Then, we tackled the work of:

  • Designing, building and implementing a redundant, secure Active Directory domain within the existing infrastructure.
  • Joining all workstations into the new domain
  • Migrating existing user profiles


Workstations were successfully migrated to the new with no user impact. Employees realized a better, faster login experience. This enabled the IT team to move forward with projects that were dependent on an Active Directory infrastructure. Some of these included: implementation of Microsoft SCCM for computer management, migration to Microsoft O365 and implementation of the latest version of Office, implementation of McAfee Security Suite and Okta Single Sign On.


  • Industry: Bio-Tech company with Rapid growth projections
  • Geography: Headquartered in San Francisco with offices in Washington DC and globally
  • Employees: 150 people


In being a primarily Mac shop, we had a unique challenge from an IT management perspective because Apple has few enterprise-class tools to help manage computer settings and security. The client has several big insurance firm customers so implementing the right tools was critical.  TenisiTech leveraged its experience with cloud and SaaS applications to recommend and implement the right solutions.

We had three main goals:

  1. Streamline user experience
  2. Enhance security
  3. Centrally manage and present data for audits and RFPs

After evaluating our options, we focused on two main projects:

  • Identify and implement an Apple OS management suite
  • Implement an identity management solution


In order to effectively manage security settings and other computer configuration options, TenisiTech implemented JAMF’s Casper Suite. This allows IT to implement and report on the use of FileVault2, password requirements and computer lock down settings.  Other “wins” included the ability to: restrict unwanted software installations, distribute corporate applications, force password/security policies, and re-image computers.

We also recommended and rolled-out Okta, an industry standard identity management tool providing single sign on (SSO) and mutli-factor authentication capabilities. Okta allowed us to achieve security requirements and provide a streamlined user experience by allowing employees to rely on one set of login credentials for all applications. Okta also provided us a platform upon which to implement multi-factor authentication for tools like Box, Microsoft O365, and their financial and HR systems.


The biggest win was an increase in employee productivity and streamlined user experience. Employees had one set of credentials and one place to go to launch and log into their corporate applications.  The onboarding procedure has been streamlined and new employees have everything they need upon walking in the door.

The CTO and CFO can now respond to RFPs and meet various regulatory standards (i.e. HIPAA & PCI) with confidence knowing their computing environment is secure and they have data to prove it.