Value Pricing

Get what you pay for. Really.

Value Pricing for Managed Services

Most managed service providers use a pay-as-you-go model. They then charge you with overages and unexpected monthly costs. As a result, you often wonder if you’re really getting the value you’re paying for. We want your technology to be working optimally and your business to thrive – not just by managing your IT, but working with you as partner and an IT leader that works strategically to provide a great IT environment.

Our MSP value pricing model helps us deliver that great environment without unexpected costs because it is a fixed cost EVERY MONTH.

Why Clients Love the Value Pricing Model

  • Easy to budget. One fixed month cost makes budgeting a breeze. 
  • Reinforces a partnership.  By eliminating a transactional way of thinking, we’re reinforcing our commitment to being your partner, supporting your goals and objectives.
  • Gives us ownership of your IT environment.  If your technology isn’t working right, those extra hours we spend fixing it cost us. All the while, your price stays the same. This model incentivizes us to care for your IT environment and keep it working as it should. We’re not “rewarded” when something stops working in the middle of the night, as we would be in an hourly model. 
  • Ensures we always have the right person on the job.  Because we succeed when your IT environment works optimally, we put senior specialists on complex projects to make sure it’s done right the first time. 
  • Gives you access to IT leadership, not just services.  Let’s face it. In a technology-driven world, IT is critical for meeting business goals.Sarah and her team are often invited to board meetings to help drive business objectives.

What Our MSP Pricing Covers

As your managed service provider, we want your technology to be working optimally and your business to thrive – not just by managing your IT, but working with you as partner an an IT leader that works strategically (not tactically) to provide a great IT environment.

We provide all the support you need but then include IT consulting services to add more value. We believe that as IT leaders and your strategic IT partner, we should create an IT strategy, roadmap and budget to help you plan for the future.

Complete Transparency to the Services You Get

To reaffirm our commitment, we provide a transparent client scorecard that shows you how we’re keeping your IT environment running as it should. You can see what we’re doing to make that happen and how we’re performing for you.

Download a sample scorecard to see exactly what you’ll get.

How We Determine Pricing

Depending on your size, we will conduct a two-day or two-week assessment during which we will interview or evaluate the following attributes of your existing IT environment:

  1. The number of employees
  2. Number of office locations
  3. The overall complexity of the IT environment
  4. How many servers need to be managed?
  5. The age and maintenance status of your computers and servers
  6. The number and health of applications IT will be managing
  7. Your specific compliance requirements

You’ll get a complete proposal and see exactly what we mean by value pricing.