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IT as a Service ( ITaaS ) Really!!

Why should I outsource IT as a Service? With today’s technology, the world pretty much runs digitally. This is especially true with companies and corporations. After all, technology and computers are involved throughout many different career fields. More and more companies are turning to outsourcing IT specialists, they’re looking at “IT as a Service” and not something to create in house. [...]

By | Jan. 24, 2017|

My Friend’s Cousin Sam

Among most groups of friends or within organizations there are usually one or two people who stand out as a IT nerds. These are the ones others would consult before buying electronics and seek their help installing them and getting them to work. We’ll call them, “my friend’s cousin Sam.” Before the Geek Squad and the Genius Bar [...]

By | Nov. 29, 2016|

Technology Evolution – Today’s Atlatls

My seventh grade science teacher Mr. Grisham was one of those gifted individuals who thrived sharing his vast knowledge with generally disinterested and dysfunctional teenagers. One day he was describing the use of tools and what a difference the right tool can make. He told the story of Neolithic man in the Stone Age and the development of [...]

By | Oct. 9, 2016|

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