IT Consulting

Technology should work.
We agree.

IT Consulting Services

When you’re repeatedly experiencing downtime, lags and malfunctions, something is wrong. It kills productivity, destroys morale and hinders reaching important business goals. You need real solutions and lasting fixes, not excuses from IT consulting companies who tell you this is as good as it gets.

We get it. That is why our IT consultants get to the heart of your IT environment challenges and design a system that puts technology to work for you. We start with the best practices for managing today’s IT environment , but also look strategically to future needs.

Basic managed IT services sets up IT management for success with the best policies and procedures, especially those that assess and mitigate risk. But we offer a more strategic partnership by understanding and addressing the needs from all those affected, whether it be employees or end customers.

Our IT Consulting Services Include:

CIO Advisory Services

  • Creating an IT strategy, roadmap
  • Implementing IT policies and procedures to mitigate risk
  • Completing regular IT audits to make sure those policies are being followed
  • Managing IT vendors and contract review

Cloud Services

  • Optimizing cloud-based infrastructure to maximize productivity
  • Assisting with cloud migration to SasS, PasS, and IasS platforms
  • Supporting cloud transformation

IT Compliance

Information Security

  • Conducting regular IT risk assessments
  • Assessing the need for multi-factor authentication for breach and unauthorized access prevention

Disaster Recovery

  • Preparing a disaster recovery plan
  • Putting a system in place to keep operations running in the face of disaster
  • Deploying an IT incident response team to restore normal operations

6 Things an IT Leader Should Do for YOU

Learn the key components for the success of a true IT leader. Understanding what IT can contribute is the first step toward making IT part of your management team. We can show you what IT leadership means— not with words but how your technology performs.

We’ve also structured a quiz to help you better understand the different IT roles you may need in your organization based upon your unique needs.