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Blogs by Sarah Tenisi, CEO of TenisiTech

Each piece is a deep dive into the tech universe, challenging common misconceptions and clarifying complex topics. Sarah’s comprehensive approach demystifies the technical, ensuring readers are equipped to confidently navigate the intricacies of IT.


Catch up on the pivotal security and compliance updates, service enhancements, and the latest in productivity tools with our in-depth Newsletters. Celebrate our team’s professional growth through new certifications, and discover innovative apps that are boosting efficiency for us and our clients. Our Newsletters are a hub for all the essential updates and insights that keep you at the forefront of tech proficiency.


Join Sarah Tenisi, TenisiTech’s CEO on Tech Me Seriously, a podcast that delves into the world of tech, business, and innovation. Sarah has candid conversations with technology and business professionals to uncover the latest trends, cutting-edge technologies, and strategies for success in the digital age. Gain a deeper understanding of how technology can transform both personal and professional lives.


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Case Studies

Dive into our collection of case studies to see real-world examples of how our services have transformed client operations. These detailed stories illustrate our problem-solving abilities and showcase the tangible benefits our clients enjoy. Gain insights into how similar challenges can be addressed with our innovative IT solutions.


Check out our rich archive of knowledge with past webinar sessions, featuring industry experts and thought leaders who have shared their insights on a range of topics. Stay connected for announcements on our upcoming webinars, designed to bring you the latest trends, skills, and know-how needed to stay ahead in the fast-paced world of technology. Whether you’re looking to enhance your expertise or discover the next big thing in IT, our webinars are a valuable resource for continuous learning and inspiration.

Secure IT Services

From proactive ransomware prevention strategies to comprehensive Compliance as a Service, ensuring your business meets all regulatory standards. Learn about Internal Audits which are designed to identify and fortify potential vulnerabilities, and responsive Security Breach protocols that help mitigate risks and protect your critical data. Tap into our expertise to build a resilient cybersecurity framework that safeguards your enterprise’s future.

Outsourced IT

Tackle the challenges of managing IT with our strategic insights, enabling you to navigate complex technology landscapes with ease. Our guidance on IT Strategy and Cloud Migration is designed to future-proof your operations, learn about how our HDI-Certified Support sets us apart.

CIO Advisory Unveiled

Unlock the full potential of IT leadership with our CIO Advisory services. Ensure your technology strategy aligns with your business objectives. Experience the benefits of enhanced decision-making, streamlined operations, and a competitive edge in the digital landscape with our expert guidance.