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98% of Our Clients are Satisfied – Discover Why Inside

Happy New Year! 🎉

TenisiTech celebrates 12 years of innovative solutions and exceptional service in the tech industry!

Over a decade of experience has honed our expertise in security & compliance, ensuring your business stays ahead of the curve. Our Service Desk, backed by a 100% HDI-certified team, consistently delivers top-tier support, reflected in our outstanding customer satisfaction rates. Join us as we continue to evolve, empower productivity, and set new standards in IT service excellence.

Security & Compliance 

Aligning Compliance and Organizational Goals 🌐

In the fast-paced business world, alignment between compliance and organizational goals isn’t just a regulatory necessity—it’s a strategic advantage. At TenisiTech, we believe that the success of any compliance program hinges on its seamless integration with your company’s vision and objectives.

Our approach at TenisiTech goes beyond compliance management. We turn compliance into a strategic tool that propels your business forward. As your trusted partner, we provide the expertise needed to navigate complex regulations, ensuring you’re not just compliant, but competitively poised for growth and success.

Let us help you transform compliance into a competitive edge. Partner with TenisiTech—where compliance and business strategy converge for your success.


Exceeding Expectations: TenisiTech’s Service Desk Excellence 🌟

In a world where every second counts, the efficiency and expertise of your IT support can make all the difference. At TenisiTech, we’re not just proud of our service desk’s performance—we’re confident it sets the standard.

Our metrics are not mere statistics; they embody the reliability and expertise you can expect from TenisiTech. As of January 2024, they are a powerful illustration of our ongoing journey towards service perfection. 

Our commitment to excellence is clearly reflected in our recent service desk metrics:

Rapid Resolution Mastery

A remarkable tally of 21,831 tickets resolved over the past year stands as a testament to our unmatched speed and accuracy. This is a direct result of our 100% HDI-certified team’s ability to provide lightning-fast resolutions, ensuring minimal disruption and maximum efficiency.

Unwavering User Satisfaction

Our focus on delivering top-tier support is underscored by the 98% satisfaction rating from our end users. This exceptional figure is a product of our service desk’s commitment to excellence and our HDI-certified professionals’ dedication to providing an outstanding support experience.  Discover the great things our end users are saying about our Service Desk IT Support.

First Interaction Resolution

We recognize that time is of the essence. That’s why a significant 60% of issues are resolved on the first contact. This impressive first-contact resolution rate highlights the skill and preparedness of our fully HDI-certified team, allowing for immediate and effective solutions.

TenisiTech earning the HDI Pinnacle of Excellence Award, ensures that every interaction with TenisiTech is backed by the highest standards of IT support excellence. Experience the TenisiTech difference—where cutting-edge support meets unparalleled customer satisfaction.

Elevate your IT support experience,

Dedication Meets Certification:
TenisiTech’s 2024 Premier IT Support Team


Unlocking Collective Productivity Through Smarter Communication 💹

In the pursuit of organizational excellence, the way teams communicate is pivotal. Drawing from a transformative discussion within our team, we’ve unearthed insights that we believe will significantly amplify productivity in any workplace.

Here’s how shifting from private direct messages to public channels on platforms like Microsoft Teams can revolutionize your internal communication:

  • Enhanced Transparency: Sharing information in Teams ensures more eyes can view, understand, and act on it, promoting collective awareness.
  • Centralized Information: Team channels keep all related communications in one place, reducing the risk of missing or misinterpreting details.
  • Cross-departmental Collaboration: Using Teams facilitates and fosters richer and more effective discussions.
  • Reduction in Information Silos: Ensures that important data and updates aren’t restricted to a few individuals but are accessible to all relevant members.
  • Maintains Context: Communicating in dedicated channels helps preserve the context of the conversation, aiding in faster decision-making.
  • Prevents Overloading DMs: Using Teams reduces the clutter in personal DMs, making sure critical direct communications don’t get lost in the shuffle.
  • Efficient Knowledge Transfer: New members or those temporarily stepping into a project can review Team communications to quickly get up to speed.
  • Promotes Accountability: With more public communication, there’s clearer accountability for information shared, decisions made, and actions to be taken.
  • Encourages Best Practices: Using Teams consistently establishes a communication culture where information is freely available and promotes best practices across departments.

Incorporating these practices into your daily operations can lead to a significant boost in team efficiency and morale. By rethinking communication, you create an environment where collaboration is the default, transparency is expected, and productivity flourishes. Consider these strategies as a new rhythm to which your business can harmonize, creating a more synchronized and empowered team.

Why They Love IT

by Danny Garcia
Client Lead
1 year at TenisiTech! 

“To me, information technology is a pivotal tool that enhances the lives of everyone in an organization, regardless of their level of expertise. 

What truly excites me is helping companies embrace the latest technology. It’s inspiring to see businesses transform as processes become more efficient and streamlined through automation. This transformation isn’t just about the technology itself, but about the impact it has on people. 

The most rewarding part? Witnessing the excitement in people’s eyes when tasks are automated. That ‘OH WOW’ moment never fails to amaze me. It’s that sense of wonder and possibility that keeps me going and reaffirms my commitment to making IT accessible and impactful for everyone.” – Danny Garcia