Service Desk Analyst (Full-Time) 

We are looking for a detail-oriented Service Desk Analyst who aspires to set the benchmark in customer support within the IT sector. This role is crucial for maintaining high satisfaction levels among our clients by resolving technical issues promptly and efficiently. Based in California, TenisiTech offers the flexibility to work from any US location. Your interactions will be conducted over the web and phone, following the US-West coast’s timing. Essential for this role is a dependable internet connection, as all training and work will be conducted remotely.

About TenisiTech

Our mission is to protect our clients by solving hard and complicated problems. We focus on delivering security, service, and productivity by simplifying and modernizing IT environments. We take the responsibility of managing our clients’ IT environment seriously and in so doing:

  • Create non-transactional relationships with our clients and our employees to strengthen the partnership.
  • Provide expert-level enterprise IT leaders to build and manage our execution of the strategy, including building processes and procedures that comply with applicable regulatory requirements.
  • Hire passionate IT people who want to execute modern strategies and support our clients’ staff.

Job Description

This role provides a point of contact for end-users to receive support and maintenance within the organization’s desktop computing environment.

This includes installing, diagnosing, repairing, maintaining, and upgrading all hardware and equipment (including but not limited to workstations, terminals, printers, and scanners) to ensure optimal workstation performance.

The person will also troubleshoot problem areas (by telephone, chat, email, or via remote access) in a timely and accurate fashion and provide end-user assistance where required. 


  • 1-3 years previous experience in IT working with end-users 
  • Ability to build rapport with clients 
  • Strong troubleshooting and critical thinking skills 
  • Positive and professional demeanor 
  • Good spoken and written communication skills 

Key Responsibilities

Equipment Support: 

  • Install, upgrade, support, and troubleshoot for printers, computer hardware, and any other authorized peripheral equipment 
  • Performs remedial repairs on computers, laptops, printers, and any other authorized peripheral equipment 
  • Customize desktop hardware to meet user specifications and site standards 
  • Performs work in compliance with specified warranty requirements 
  • Returns defective equipment/parts to maintenance inventory, documents customer repairs maintains, and restocks assigned parts inventory to ensure proper spare parts levels 
  • Use diagnostic tools to troubleshoot problems associated with network connectivity and workstation hardware/software 
  • Use tools and methodologies to load, copy and customize operating system configurations for deployment 
  • When the restoration is beyond the scope of the computers, laptops, printers, and any other authorized peripheral equipment the Service Desk/Desktop Support Technician will escalate the issue/problem to the proper tier support team member 
  • Responsible for tracking hardware and software inventory 

Application Support: 

  • Install, upgrade, support, and troubleshoot Mac OS, Windows 10 and Microsoft Office 365, and any other authorized desktop applications 
  • Email account administration, i.e., account creation, management, and distribution lists in Google GSuite, Microsoft 365 
  • User account administration, i.e., account creation, management and password resets 
  • Familiarize end-users with basic software, hardware, and peripheral device operation 
  • Works with vendor support contacts to resolve technical issues within the desktop environment 

System Maintenance: 

  • Perform general preventative maintenance tasks on computers, laptops, printers, and any other authorized peripheral equipment 

Job Type: Full-time
Pay: $21.00 – $24.00 per hour


Health Benefits

Full-time employees are eligible for medical, dental, and vision benefits. The Company pays 70-100% of employee benefits, depending on the plan selected. You will become eligible for benefits on the first day of the month following your start date.

401K and Profit Sharing

Employees are eligible to participate in the 401(k) Plan offered through Empower as of your first anniversary with the Company. Plan entry dates are the 1st of January or the 1st of July, depending on your first anniversary. The company will contribute 3% of your salary regardless of your enrollment of the 401(k) Plan, once you are eligible for the program.

Employees will automatically be enrolled in the Company’s profit-sharing plan after their first month anniversary.

Short-term Disability & Life Insurance

The Company pays 100% of short-term disability and life insurance premiums.

PTO & Holidays

  • The Company offers 200 hours of PTO, per year.
  • The Company does not observe specific holidays as our work requires us to support our clients’ business hours. However, we do not expect employees to work on holidays. PTO should be taken for holidays you wish to observe.

Physical Demands and Work Environment

The ideal candidate for this role should be in robust physical health, as the job encompasses a blend of office settings and travel demands. Key responsibilities include the necessity for clear auditory function and verbal communication skills, alongside the capacity to engage in prolonged sitting, particularly while driving or during air travel. This role entails frequent air travel, necessitating comfort with extended flight durations, the ability to manage personal and luggage items, and adaptability to flying conditions. Additionally, occasional physical activities such as standing, walking, reaching, climbing, or balancing are part of the job. The position also requires visual proficiency for close-range tasks, the strength to lift and carry items weighing up to 40 pounds, and the agility to perform minor stooping or crouching actions. Ensuring safety in vehicle operation and clear reading of both print and digital media in smaller font sizes is imperative.

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