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September Spotlight from TenisiTech πŸ‚

This month, we’re diving deep into the world of security, compliance, and the power of service.

Discover breakthrough updates, our exciting new partnership, and how our team’s recent certifications elevate our service offerings.

Plus, in the realm of productivity, we’ve got a treat that promises to amplify your digital collaboration game.

Security & Compliance

Compliance as a Service & New Partnership with Scrut Automation 🌐

At TenisiTech, our commitment to simplifying and fortifying compliance for our clients is unwavering. With that vision, we’re elated to unveil our revamped ‘Compliance as a Service’. We’ve reimagined the compliance journey, ensuring it’s smoother, more intuitive, and free from panic-inducing last-minute scrambles.

Our enthusiasm doesn’t end there! We’ve joined forces with Scrut Automation, a premier Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) tool. Here’s what makes Scrut stand out: their stellar integration capabilities with leading security and task management platforms. This paves the way for enhanced automated security monitoring and systematic evidence collection.

πŸ’‘ Dive into Scrut’s latest blog which prominently features TenisiTech, shedding light on how our combined strengths are shaping the future of IT compliance and automation.

For those navigating specific industry regulations or looking to institute a robust security management program, now’s the time to leap forward. Connect with your TenisiTech Client Lead and elevate your compliance approach.

πŸ”Ž Explore our comprehensive guide detailing the essential steps to craft and sustain an impeccable compliance program. Plus, don’t miss our fresh-off-the-press blog post shedding light on the latest in compliance.



Elevating Our Service through Enhanced Certifications πŸŒŸ

At TenisiTech, we don’t just value the growth of our team; we see it as a direct enhancement to the quality of service we provide to you. Our continuous investment in certification and training means our clients and prospective partners benefit from the most updated, proficient, and industry-aligned services.

πŸ”Ή MS 900 Certification: A testament to foundational knowledge in the workings of Microsoft 365 services and cloud concepts. We’re thrilled to announce that Anthony Montes, Cecilia Cacciatore, Michael Hagstrom, and Carlo Cacciatore have achieved this commendation. By mastering the essentials of cloud services, our team ensures you receive top-tier guidance in Microsoft 365 solutions.

πŸ”Ή Security+ Certification: Earned by our brilliant Nyrhee Mosley, this certification underscores competency in operational and threat security. For our clients, this means a fortified and well-guarded digital environment, always.

Our commitment to fostering the growth of our team directly reflects our dedication to offering unmatched, up-to-date services. Here’s to a brighter, more secure, and efficient digital future with TenisiTech!


TenisiTech’s Ultimate Guide to Audio Settings πŸ”Š

With the proliferation of collaboration tools, people are interacting via video across many different tools, often hour to hour. This is especially true for those of you who work with clients that use different productivity platforms. At TenisiTech alone, we switch from using Teams to Zoom to RingCentral meetings and more!

What we noticed is that this can be particularly challenging for employees at our clients and for those disconnecting computers from their monitor/dock configurations.

Knowing how to set up audio across applications has never been more important, so we put together The Ultimate Audio Guide for Windows. This guide explains how to set your default audio devices and then toggle between them in each of the most common applications we support.

If you’re an existing client, you can find this guide in our IT Support Knowledge Base in Zendesk.


Why They Love IT

by Carlo Cacciatore
Partner and Director of Client Services

“I love solving the complicated and unique problems that companies face with technology. What’s thrilling for me is that no two projects are ever the same, making every day an adventure in problem-solving.

We often encounter long-standing inefficiencies that teams have grown accustomed to and accepted as the norm. Breaking down those barriers and implementing new solutions to fully remedy those issues is such satisfying work. Plus, I love the enthusiastic and positive feedback our team gets around these accomplishments.

With all the new tools coming out relating to AI, we have so many new options to enhance workflow and streamline day-to-day operations. It’s an exciting journey of continuous learning for us as we test and deploy these tools and get them in front of the teams that would really benefit.

For me, the magic of IT lies in its ever-evolving landscape. The learning never stops, and the problems are always new, and this is why I love what I do in IT.” – Carlo Cacciatore