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10 Reasons Successful Businesses Outsource IT

In today’s economy, businesses are moving away from costly in-house IT for a reason. They’re seeking the more effective, experienced, on-demand option they get when they outsource IT. 

Honestly, they’re fed up with payrolling full-time IT teams they don’t need all the time, facing hiring shortages and dealing with constant skill gaps that prevent competitiveness in an increasingly technology-driven business world.

Chances are you’re finding yourself in their shoes — frustrated and furious about wasting money while also getting less for it, thanks to inflation.  You’re wondering whether you would come out better if you outsourced IT support.

I’m not here to tell you that working with an outside IT vendor is a smart move for your business right now. I don’t know your situation. But I can say with certainty that you’ll want to consider these 10 reasons so many successful companies have chosen to outsource IT. See which ones apply to you.

And I’ll make the case that if you decide to outsource IT, you’re not just outsourcing IT services. You want an IT partner that makes your success their success. Because at the end of the day, an IT partner who understands today’s technology trends, tools, and platforms can influence how you use technology to stay competitive, even in the current stay-at-home work life. 

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Let’s get into it!

1. Costs Are Out of Control

Let’s face it: You simply don’t need robust full-time IT or the full-cost expense that comes with it. You end up paying for time and talent without getting the ROI you should. And IT becomes an expense instead of an investment that helps you grow your company.

From training and equipment to upgrades and maintenance to benefits packages, supporting your own team can get expensive — and fast. Outsourcing eliminates the demand for a full-time team and its costs.

You don’t have to keep hiring out of desperation when you find you don’t have the diverse tech skills to meet the future head-on. Instead, you can only pay for what you need and get ready access to people with high-value technology skills when you need them.  

An outsourced IT partner like TenisiTech hires, trains, and retains good employees for you. 

Just consider cloud migration for a moment. That’s a major undertaking. It takes a lot of time. And you can’t afford to pay people who can’t do it right. You’re afraid they could lose priceless customer data or expose it to cybercriminals because they don’t have the advanced cybersecurity skills needed to battle the organized criminal operations attacking businesses today. You’ve no doubt you need experts for the job.

But you don’t need cloud migration experts on staff all the time. That would be a massive waste of your money. Pay for what you need and get quick access to whom you need. That’s a major reason so many businesses are outsourcing IT.

2. You Deserve the Best Tools

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It costs significant money to keep your infrastructure, hardware, software, and technology licenses up to date. Often, this means you’re not working with the latest tools, so you’re worried about falling behind the competition and being able to attract top talent that gravitates toward businesses using state-of-the-art technology.

Partnering with the right company when you outsource IT support can ensure you get the best tools available in the industry. Great outsourced IT companies stay up-to-date, so you should be able to trust they’re working with the best tools. Partnering with them gives you access to these current tools, often for much less than if you were paying for this stuff outright.

Your outsourced IT partner learns your business inside and out. We can assess your technology needs and help you make the most of your technology budget.

Access the best tools and stay competitive without breaking your technology budget. That’s the difference you experience when you work with a partner.

IT vendors who treat clients like partners like TenisiTech build their business around assisting others and helping them get the most out of technology. 

They make sure that the resources they offer are not only of the highest quality but also the most secure and reliable. Your success is our business!

3. You’re Overwhelmed with Modern IT Complexity

There is no way you can keep up with every type of technology. And if you have an IT guy or IT gal, same thing. No one person can keep up with it all. Technology is getting so much bigger and more complex than even the people who create it can understand. 

Big companies like Facebook and Google have said even they don’t know exactly how their algorithms work. It’s getting too complex to the point that we need multiple people plus technology to understand and manage other technologies. And unfortunately, you increasingly can’t compete without them, so businesses have to find a way.

If that explanation just gave you a headache, leave complex projects to the professionals. As the owner of TenisiTech, even I don’t get it all. I’m not afraid to say that because I know enough to know it would be foolish to think I did. But I know how to hire people who do. I get technology and recognize people who do as well.

When you outsource IT, you gain broad and deep knowledge it would be nearly impossible for a company to hire. You gain the experience of people who’ve already been managing projects both large and small. Many in-house IT personnel do not have this. Most IT professionals have been involved with maybe one cloud migration in their work career, yet more businesses need expert-level support, and cloud migration continues to trend.

How many email cloud migrations have your internal team completed? Most outsourced IT companies have dozens under their belts – of every flavor & combination.  

4. Because Unconsolidated IT Is a Mess

Could your company be outsourcing IT without you realizing it? Think about it for a minute. 

If your company relies on many vendors or partners for IT, you may already be outsourcing IT. You depend on many companies to support your team when something goes wrong with their technology. I don’t have to tell you how inefficient that is. 

You see it every day when you’re beating your head against the wall because technologies that are supposed to communicate and work together don’t. That’s not the seamless integration these companies promised you. 

But it’s inevitable if you’re involuntarily outsourcing IT. Each company only knows that one product. They don’t see your whole infrastructure or understand how it relates to your business goals. They’re not your partner. They’re a salesperson that makes more money when your technology isn’t working right, and they can sell you something else. That’s backward.

An outsourced IT partner — on the other hand — can manage all of it. 

Working with multiple vendors can get messy fast. Especially when critical, time-sensitive IT needs arise. Take control of your IT strategy, roadmap, and budget by outsourcing IT to one dedicated team that can provide all the services you need now.  

5. They Want to Outsource IT Hiring

It’s no secret that finding the right IT human resources can be a job in itself.  

Many owners and executives know their business like the back of their hands. But ask them what a good IT candidate looks like, and they’re scratching their head. 

Maybe you’ve been fooled before by someone sitting across from you speaking in impressive IT jargon. Then you hired this person, and suddenly you found out they were faking it until they made it. 

That’s an admirable business skill for a salesperson, but it doesn’t do you any good.

We can take all of this off your plate.

You shift the recruiting & hiring headache by outsourcing that responsibility to someone who knows technology and how to spot someone applying for a job that is too far over their head. 

Don’t get me wrong; I’m all about hiring passionate IT professionals who want to learn, but not when it jeopardizes my partner’s success. 

Outsourced IT partners have extensive experience in the IT field, making it easy to identify quality candidates who will be the perfect fit for your needs. And, don’t forget, your IT partner takes care of the costly payroll taxes and benefits. Outsourcing IT looks better and better all the time.

6. Without an IT Roadmap You’re Lost

Often, internal IT resources don’t have the experience to develop a clear roadmap based on business objectives. Their understanding of IT roadmaps (the detailed plan for how IT determines business success) is usually very limited to the 2-3 companies they may have worked for, and that experience may not even be in your industry.  

An IT partner should understand the role they play in your business. They’re not just here to deliver IT services and support. Technology is too essential to modern business.

Instead, when you work with an IT partner, you have someone who recognizes the big picture and can articulate their role in an IT strategy, roadmap, and budget. This allows you to focus on what’s important: your clients.

7. Inefficient Workflows Are Draining Your Resources

Your IT partner should be a productivity driver, not just a cost. 

When you outsource IT to an IT partner, you’re working with someone with enterprise experience that understands how to help you work faster without losing sight of quality or customer experience.

An IT partner can save precious time and money at every level. We can reimagine and rebuild time-consuming manual processes and streamline bulky workflows by leveraging new technology we know works.  We’ve seen firsthand how it can transform productivity.

8. You Need Answers Now

Good IT partners will know the system they implement for you, allowing them to quickly analyze your data with the tools needed to determine an effective solution. Don’t waste time looking for additional support and resources. Let your IT partners provide the answers you need — based on accurate data analytics and business intelligence as well as their in-depth understanding of your business.

9. You Worry You’re Not Protecting Your IT Investment

A customer-centric IT partner will find ways to save your business money. Many value-added resellers insert themselves between you and the technology product you want, then jack up the price so they get a cut.

An IT partner will ensure you’re not overpaying or paying for licenses you don’t need. 

10. Downtime Is Killing Productivity, Morale, and the Bottomline

Downtime devastates businesses. Customers lose trust. And if it happens with any regularity, employee morale plummets. As an IT professional, I believe technology should work as intended. 

When you outsource IT to an IT partner like TenisiTech, we proactively manage IT. We seek out potential problems and address them before they become a downtime nightmare. We help you build a network and infrastructure that works together, making everyone’s job easier. 

That’s not to say things don’t happen. I wouldn’t trust anyone who promised you 100% uptime. 

But when something does happen to your network or infrastructure, IT partners will be there to provide peace of mind. They recognize the sense of urgency and have a customized disaster recovery action plan in place to get your teams back up quickly.

Many businesses struggle to manage and stay ahead of complex systems and ever-changing IT expectations.

You can increase your team’s efficiency, minimize downtime, and lower costs by partnering with an experienced team like TenisiTech today. 

When to Outsource IT

So often, the decision comes down to timing. When is the right time to find an IT partner? It’s time to outsource IT when you’re:

  • Optimistic about business growth yet worried you don’t have the technology to manage that expansion
  • Frustrated about the current hiring environment and struggling to retain top talent.
  • Overwhelmed by the cost of updating to stay competitive
  • Annoyed by downtime and lost productivity that’s damaging team morale and employee trust
  • Unsure about how to create an IT roadmap that aligns with business goals and resources

We’ve been helping small to medium businesses overcome obstacles and pave the way forward with the right technology and people who know how to get the most out of it. If you’re considering whether you should outsource IT services and support, we encourage you to learn what’s possible. Reach out to schedule a FREE IT review session.

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