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Welcome to the future of tech insights – TenisiTech’s 1st Newsletter is here! 📰

Welcome to 1st edition of our newsletter!

Our goal is to keep you informed and provide valuable insights.

Throughout this year, TenisiTech has been dedicated to enhancing the delivery of security and compliance, service, and productivity to our customers and we’re thrilled to share what we’ve accomplished so far in 2023!

Wow! Can you believe we’ve officially wrapped up the first half of 2023 and we’re already into August!?

Security & Compliance

We had a lightning bolt moment this year in recognizing that we focus more on security than many IT Managed Service Providers (MSPs). Leading to this moment was the realization that some companies hired both MSPs and Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs).

With TenisiTech, our current customers have both services rolled into one.

  • MSPs typically focus on day-to-day services and administration as well as onboarding and offboarding employees.
  • MSSPs typically focus on managing cybersecurity threats by leveraging core security tools like managed patching, endpoint security, and vulnerability management. They are focused on reviewing security alerts and responding to potential threats in real time.

This realization has led to our launch of standalone MSSP services! MSSP services are a subset of what we provide our MSP clients and can be paired with another MSP who is not managing the security of the IT environment as we would. We’re incredibly proud of our comprehensive service set and are excited to serve others from a security-focused standpoint.


We recognize how important customer service is and to foster a culture of service excellence, we require that every new Service Desk employee becomes HDI certified.

The HDI program focuses on how to provide professional, friendly, clear, and quick service to ensure customers get what they need as quickly as possible. The certification validates our team’s ability to deliver top-notch technical support and creates a standardized approach to providing customer service.

The best part… our stats don’t lie. Our customer satisfaction stays at or above 95% every week.

Thanks to those of you who fill out the quick ticket surveys, we get a chance to see how appreciated our work is. This drives us and helps us recognize our contributions to our clients. We celebrate this feedback during staff meetings and all walk away feeling great about the support we provide.


TenisiTech is so excited about a new tool, Scribe, that we had to share it in our first newsletter! If you’ve been working with us for a while, you know that we love creating quick guides. The creation of these guides can be cumbersome.

Scribe makes the creation and editing of documentation and training guides SUPER easy. So easy, that we’re letting all of you know to check it out. Not only is the tool incredibly easy to use, but it’s also incredibly inexpensive. Talk to your Account Manager or Client Lead about how to sign up and get started with Scribe today!

Why They Love IT

Sarah Tenisi, TenisiTech CEO:

Throughout my career, I’ve witnessed how quickly technology evolves and how it can positively impact our day-to-day jobs. Technology makes it quicker and easier to come up with ideas and put them in motion, with relative ease. Technology unlocks creativity and boosts productivity.

Want to start a new business? No problem! Business applications are relatively inexpensive and easy to set up. Think about PandaDoc, Zoom, QuickBooks Online, Microsoft 365/Google Workspace, and all the other productivity applications businesses leverage daily.

The example of Scribe in the Productivity section of this newsletter is probably my favorite new example of a relatively simple (at least in concept) application that will fundamentally change how teams document and train on new applications and services.

There are countless examples of technical evolution over the last 20 years. My favorite example is the evolution from on-premise servers to virtualization software to software and platform as a service solutions. This specific evolution has enabled companies to do more with less which is important as you grow a business.

I feel incredibly thankful to work in such an exciting space and am even more excited to help our clients leverage technology to stay secure and compliant, productive, and well-served daily!   – Sarah Tenisi