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How TenisiTech Elevated Lincoln Families’ IT, Driving a 100% Closure Rate in Service Excellence


Lincoln Families is a pivotal force in the fight for social justice, mental health, and educational equity, embodying over a century of dedicated service to those in most need. Their mission transcends traditional support, empowering communities to surmount the systemic barriers that hinder success. With a holistic approach at its core, Lincoln Families addresses the immediate needs of individuals and families and lays the groundwork for sustainable change, ensuring their interventions foster resilience, self-sufficiency, and lasting improvements in the lives of those they serve.

Through a diverse range of programs tailored to the unique challenges of underserved communities, Lincoln Families strives to create opportunities that spark positive change. From educational support services that aim to close the achievement gap for young learners to mental health initiatives designed to provide accessible care, their efforts are comprehensive and far-reaching. They believe in the transformative power of individualized support, collaborative community efforts, and advocacy for systemic change.

Lincoln Families is a catalyst for hope and transformation, tirelessly working to ensure every individual and family they serve has the tools and support to thrive. Their enduring commitment to social justice and a deep understanding of the communities make them indispensable allies in the quest for a more equitable and just society.

The Challenge:

Limited IT Strategy and Oversight

Before TenisiTech’s engagement, Lincoln Families encountered opportunities for improvement in their IT infrastructure that, when addressed strategically, could enhance operational efficiency and empower them to fulfill their mission more effectively. The organization identified areas for growth, recognizing the need for a cohesive IT strategy to overcome challenges in various key areas:

  • Proactive IT Management and Service Enhancement: Lincoln Families was acutely aware that their mission’s success depended heavily on robust IT support. They identified the need for sophisticated service desk management tools to swiftly address and resolve IT concerns, ensuring their team could remain focused on their essential community services without technological hindrances.
  • Strategic Project Management Implementation: Understanding the importance of strategic planning and execution in IT projects, Lincoln Families embarked on integrating structured project management practices. This initiative aimed to transition from a reactive IT culture to one that is proactive, emphasizing strategic planning and comprehensive solutions that align with their mission’s long-term goals.
  • Fostering a Collaborative IT Environment: Lincoln Families sought to bridge the gap between IT leadership and the implementation team, promoting a culture of collaboration and open communication. By encouraging teamwork and shared objectives, they aimed to create a more cohesive and effective IT management approach, enhancing innovation and efficiency across the organization.
  • Instituting Strategic IT Oversight: Recognizing the need for a forward-thinking approach to IT, Lincoln Families prioritized the establishment of strategic oversight within their IT operations. This strategic perspective was aimed at ensuring IT decisions and investments were fully aligned with the organization’s mission and the needs of the communities they serve, enabling sustainable growth and resilience against future challenges.

This proactive stance towards IT modernization underscored Lincoln Families’ dedication to leveraging technology as a key enabler of their mission. The partnership with TenisiTech emerged as a strategic collaboration to revolutionize their IT infrastructure, providing the necessary expertise and insight to drive their digital transformation. This partnership was set to unlock new opportunities for Lincoln Families to enhance their service delivery, ultimately amplifying their positive impact on the communities they cherish.

The beauty of TenisiTech is, that with your help we are now worry-free with peace of mind. We know the important stuff is going to get done well and timely, and we don’t have to second guess if there is some scary gap out there in IT operations that will come back to bite us.”

– Jose Rivera, Director of Administration and Compliance.

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The Solution: 

TenisiTech’s Strategic IT Overhaul

Facing these IT challenges, Lincoln Families partnered with TenisiTech for a comprehensive overhaul of the IT infrastructure to realign technology with the organization’s mission. TenisiTech’s approach was multifaceted, addressing the immediate technical issues and laying the groundwork for a sustainable IT strategy and implementation.

Implementing a Robust IT Infrastructure

TenisiTech’s first order of business was modernizing the IT infrastructure at Lincoln Families. TenisiTech ensured that IT issues were addressed and resolved efficiently by implementing advanced tools for service desk ticket tracking, reducing system downtime significantly. This improvement was pivotal in streamlining the management of IT requests, leading to a notable increase in operational efficiency. 

Establishing Project Management Frameworks

Recognizing the effects of the previous ad-hoc project management approach, TenisiTech implemented a suite of project management tools and methodologies. This strategic move facilitated better planning, execution, and tracking of IT projects, ensuring they were aligned with Lincoln Families’ goals and completed in a timely manner. The introduction of structured project management practices marked a departure from reactive IT management, fostering a proactive problem-solving and strategic planning culture.

Fostering Collaboration and Communication

TenisiTech and Lincoln Families identified the siloed work environment as a critical barrier to effective IT management. In response, they emphasized the importance of collaboration and open communication, bridging the gap between IT leadership and implementation teams. Regular meetings and shared objectives fostered a sense of unity and purpose, aligning IT initiatives closely with the organization’s broader mission. This approach improved the efficiency of IT-related tasks and cultivated a more cohesive and supportive organizational culture.

Strategic IT Planning and Oversight

A fundamental aspect of TenisiTech’s solution involved strategic oversight through close collaboration with Lincoln Families, aimed at crafting a comprehensive long-term IT strategy and IT Roadmap. This partnership focused on creating a scalable and responsive IT infrastructure supporting the organization’s growth and evolving needs. By shifting from a reactive to a proactive IT management model, Lincoln Families was equipped to pursue sustainable solutions and strategic technology investments, ensuring their IT infrastructure would continue to serve as a robust foundation for their mission.

Training and Empowerment

Central to the success of the IT overhaul was empowering Lincoln Families’ staff with the necessary knowledge and skills to utilize the new IT infrastructure effectively. TenisiTech’s comprehensive training program ensured that staff could fully leverage new tools and systems. This emphasis on training and empowerment highlighted TenisiTech’s dedication to transforming the IT landscape while also promoting internal expertise at Lincoln Families.

Through these strategic interventions, TenisiTech addressed the critical IT challenges faced by Lincoln Families, laying the foundation for an IT infrastructure that meets the current needs and is poised for future challenges and opportunities. The positive feedback from staff members reflects the significant improvements in IT support and operational efficiency, highlighting the significant impact of TenisiTech’s solutions on the organization’s ability to fulfill its mission.

I wanted to share how impressed I am with the TenisiTech team…I am hearing from staff that they feel responded to and their problems are being efficiently addressed. My own experience has been fantastic. I am truly grateful to be in partnership with you and your team.”

– Allison Becwar, President and CEO, Lincoln Families.

The Effects:

Measurable Successes and Staff Feedback

The partnership between Lincoln Families and TenisiTech yielded remarkable results across various facets of IT management, profoundly impacting operational efficiency, cost savings, and security enhancements.

  • Enhanced IT Support Efficiency: The introduction of TenisiTech’s state-of-the-art Service Desk was a game-changer for Lincoln Families. This was an upgrade in technology and a shift towards a more responsive, reliable, and efficient IT support system. The implementation led to a dramatic reduction in downtime, with the staff experiencing a newfound sense of confidence in IT support. The swift resolution of IT concerns allowed employees to concentrate on their core mission, significantly enhancing productivity and service delivery. The success of this initiative is reflected in the remarkable closure rate of nearly 100% for the 2,295 tickets opened, demonstrating TenisiTech’s commitment to immediate and effective resolution of IT issues.
  • Strategic Cost Management: One of the standout achievements of TenisiTech’s strategy was the significant cost savings realized through meticulous telecommunications management. By renegotiating terms and restructuring plans, immediate savings of $12,500 and annual savings of $44,400 were achieved. This financial prudence embodies TenisiTech’s dedication to optimizing resources to further Lincoln Families’ mission. These savings illustrate TenisiTech’s strategic approach to managing operational costs, highlighting its capability to deliver substantial economic benefits to non-profits.
  • Security and Infrastructure Enhancements: The comprehensive improvements to Lincoln Families’ IT infrastructure, particularly in security, emphasized TenisiTech’s holistic approach. Implementing DUO login requirements across all servers was pivotal in fortifying the organization’s cybersecurity posture. Additionally, the circuits’ upgrades at crucial locations enhanced connectivity and laid the groundwork for robust and reliable network performance. These measures were critical in establishing an IT environment conducive to Lincoln Families’ operational and strategic objectives.
  • Operational Enhancements and Staff Feedback: Beyond the quantifiable metrics, the impact of TenisiTech’s solutions on Lincoln Families was vividly captured in the feedback from the staff. “I love our Lincoln support team. Always immediately responsive and helpful. The best!” This testimonial reflects the IT overhaul’s profound effect on the staff’s daily experiences. It highlights not only the improved technical support but also the sense of partnership and reliability that TenisiTech brought to the table. The upgrade of employee laptops and the provision of complimentary hotspot services indicated TenisiTech’s proactive stance on addressing immediate and future IT needs, ensuring that Lincoln Families’ staff were well-equipped to meet their service delivery objectives.

The alliance between Lincoln Families and TenisiTech brought pivotal operational enhancements and fostered a spirit of mutual trust and partnership. By choosing TenisiTech as their navigator through the complexities of IT modernization, Lincoln Families not only achieved significant efficiencies in IT support, strategic management, and security enhancements but also highlighted the value of selecting the right ally for such a transformative journey. The positive feedback from Lincoln Families’ staff showcases the profound impact of these improvements, vividly demonstrating the benefits of a thoughtful IT partnership. 

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About TenisiTech: 

Pioneering IT Solutions for a Connected World

At the core of TenisiTech’s mission is a profound commitment to fostering technological empowerment across various sectors, including non-profits, startups, and established enterprises. TenisiTech stands out as a beacon of excellence in the IT service industry with a foundation built on innovation, reliability, and a client-centric approach. Their offerings create a pathway for organizations to navigate the complexities of the digital age with confidence and strategic advantage.

  • Customized IT Solutions: Understanding that each organization faces unique challenges, TenisiTech specializes in developing customized IT solutions tailored to their clients’ specific needs and objectives. This approach ensures that whether it’s streamlining operations, enhancing cybersecurity, or enabling digital transformation, the solutions provided are perfectly aligned with the client’s goals.
  • Strategic Partnership and Collaboration: TenisiTech views its role as a service provider and a strategic partner to its clients. This philosophy is rooted in the belief that true technological empowerment comes from a deep collaborative relationship. TenisiTech works hand-in-hand with clients to understand their vision, challenges, and aspirations. It’s a partnership designed to unlock potential, drive innovation, and ensure that technology acts as a catalyst for growth and success.
  • Commitment to Excellence and Innovation: At the heart of TenisiTech’s operations is an unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation. Leveraging the latest technological advancements, TenisiTech ensures that its clients are equipped with cutting-edge solutions that address current needs and are scalable for future growth. This forward-thinking approach is complemented by a rigorous emphasis on quality, reliability, and security, ensuring that clients receive unparalleled IT support and services.
  • Empowering Organizations with IT Confidence: One of TenisiTech’s most profound impacts is its ability to transform IT frustrations into IT confidence among its clients. By demystifying technology, providing responsive support, and enabling organizations to leverage IT as a strategic asset, TenisiTech empowers its clients to achieve their mission with greater effectiveness and efficiency. This transformation goes beyond technical metrics and instills a sense of confidence and possibility across the organizations they serve.
  • Tangible Benefits and Success Stories: The true measure of TenisiTech’s success lies in the tangible benefits experienced by their clients. From significant cost savings and operational efficiencies to enhanced cybersecurity postures and successful digital transformations, TenisiTech’s contributions have been pivotal in helping organizations navigate their IT journeys. Testimonials from satisfied clients underscore the positive changes brought about by TenisiTech’s involvement, highlighting not only the immediate benefits but also the lasting impact on their ability to serve their communities and achieve their organizational objectives.

TenisiTech is a pivotal force in the IT services sector, distinguished by its client-centric approach, strategic collaboration, and unwavering commitment to delivering innovative and reliable IT solutions. For organizations looking to transcend traditional IT challenges and harness technology as a strategic enabler, TenisiTech represents an ideal partner, poised to transform IT landscapes and pave the way for future success.