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This November, Give Thanks for Tech

November: Tech Updates to Be Thankful For πŸ‚

This edition is packed with insights and innovations designed to keep your business ahead in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

Step into our latest newsletter where we dissect a critical cybersecurity incident, showcase our outstanding service metrics, explore the transformative power of Loom in workplace communication, and share heartfelt IT stories from our team.

Security & Compliance 

Insights from Tri-City Healthcare’s Ransomware Attack πŸŒ

Tri-City Healthcare in North County San Diego recently faced a disruptive ransomware attack, compelling the hospital to halt emergency operations. Detected early on November 9, 2023, this cyber breach led to an Internal Disaster Diversion, affecting the facility’s ability to accept patients via the 911 system and necessitating the rerouting of ambulances.

This incident is part of an increasing trend of cyberattacks on healthcare facilities, underscoring the critical need for enhanced cybersecurity and proactive measures.


How TenisiTech Can Help

In response to such threats, TenisiTech offers comprehensive security and compliance solutions to prevent and effectively manage cyber incidents. Our services include advanced threat detection, rigorous compliance adherence, strategic incident response planning, and extensive employee training. Partnering with TenisiTech means fortifying your defenses against cyber threats and ensuring a resilient and secure operational environment.


Showcasing Service Excellence: Key Metrics at TenisiTech ✨

Understanding and continuously improving service performance is crucial for any company, especially in IT. At TenisiTech, we pride ourselves on our impressive service metrics, reflecting our commitment to exceptional customer support and efficient problem-solving.

Here’s a glimpse into our latest achievements and why they matter for your business:

  1. Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) – 98.6%: Our near-perfect CSAT score highlights our ability to meet, and often exceed, customer expectations. High customer satisfaction is indicative of successful service interactions, signaling that we understand and effectively address your IT needs.
  2. Same-Day Resolution – Average Day to Resolve 0.68: Speed is essential in resolving IT issues to minimize disruption to your business. Our average resolution time of less than one day ensures that your operations remain smooth and largely uninterrupted.
  3. Phone Calls Answered – 95%: This metric shows our commitment to being available and responsive. Answering 95% of calls means we’re consistently reachable, offering timely assistance when you need it most.
  4. First Contact Resolution (FCR) – 62%: FCR is a crucial indicator of efficiency and expertise. Our 62% FCR rate demonstrates that a significant majority of issues are resolved on the first interaction, saving you time and hassle.

Why These Metrics Matter to Your Company

These performance metrics are more than just numbers; they represent the heartbeat of our service ethos at TenisiTech. High CSAT scores and FCR rates mean you can trust us to handle your IT challenges effectively and empathetically. Fast resolution times and high call answer rates ensure that your business experiences minimal downtime, allowing you to focus on what you do best. In a nutshell, these metrics reflect our dedication to providing IT services that truly support and enhance your business operations.

At TenisiTech, we’re not just about fixing problems; we’re about forging partnerships that drive your success. These metrics are a testament to that commitment.

Service Highlight

Spotlighting our Newest System Admin πŸŒŸ

“My name is Nick Graham.  I am from Colorado Springs, Colorado.  (For Now).  I am excited to join the TenisiTech family and look forward to the boundless possibilities for the future.

When I am not sitting at my computer, my time is taken up by my two boys.  Max who is 9 and Zane who is 3.  They keep me quite busy.  I coach basketball and I am a firearms instructor and gunsmith.  I look forward to joining the Sys Admin team with TenisiTech and bringing 17+ years of technical experience.  I try to live by the quote β€œIn 100 years it won’t matter what my bank statements were, it won’t matter what car I drove, it won’t matter the house that I lived in.  What will matter is the lives that were changed by my actions.  So I strive each day to be a better man/father than I was the day before.”


Boosting Productivity with Loom: A Game-Changer for Communication πŸ’¬

In the realm of digital communication, efficiency and clarity are key. This is where Loom changes the game, offering a dynamic video messaging platform that enhances productivity across various business functions.

Why Choose Loom?

  • Quick & Effective Communication: Say goodbye to long emails. Loom’s video messages deliver complex instructions or ideas swiftly and effectively.
  • Clearer Messages: With video, your tone, expressions, and body language add clarity to your communications, perfect for sensitive or detailed topics.
  • Remote Collaboration Made Easy: Loom bridges distances, allowing asynchronous video messages, perfect for global teams.
  • Integrates with Your Tools: Seamlessly works with Slack, Trello, and Google Workspace, fitting right into your existing workflow.
  • Personal Touch: Personalized video messages build stronger relationships in sales, marketing, and support.
  • Efficient Knowledge Sharing: An ideal platform for tutorials and training materials, creating an accessible knowledge base.
  • Insightful Analytics: Track engagement and gather feedback through Loom’s comprehensive analytics.

Loom is more than a tool; it’s a productivity booster for anyone, from remote workers to business leaders. Try Loom and elevate your communication strategy, saving time and enhancing interaction quality. Ready to transform your workday? Loom is your answer.

Why They Love IT

by Michael Hagstrom
Director of Service Management

2.5 years at TenisiTech! MS-900 Certified!

“My love for Information Technology stems from its remarkable ability to elevate productivity and facilitate learning.

In a world where time is priceless, IT emerges as a transformative force, providing tools that streamline workflows and automate mundane tasks, allowing us the freedom to unleash creativity and strategic thinking.

IT revolutionizes the way we acquire knowledge, creating a dynamic, personalized learning experience that empowers us to cultivate new skills, stay atop the latest developments, and explore curiosity with access to a vast amount of information.” 

– Michael Hagstrom