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Navigating the Tech-Scape of Tomorrow

From welcoming pivotal new members in our expert ensemble to celebrating professional milestones that propel us forward, we’re excited to share these transformative tales with you.

Peek into the hybrid harmony of tomorrow’s work environment, gain exclusive productivity hacks and get inspired by those who’ve turned IT into a passion rather than just a profession.

Harmony in Hybridity

Crafting Seamless Work Environments through Tech

In today’s ever-evolving workplace, the blend of remote and on-site work demands innovative solutions. At TenisiTech, we’re leading the charge in crafting seamless work environments through technology. Discover how our strategies are setting new standards in flexibility and efficiency for businesses worldwide.

Here are 3 ways we use technology to enhance security, productivity, and service for our clients in hybrid work environments:

  1. Implement virtual collaboration tools effectively: We leverage these tools internally and advise our clients on implementing them effectively within their organizations. 
  2. Cloud services are pivotal in the shift toward a more flexible work environment: By moving data and applications to the cloud, we’ve helped organizations achieve unprecedented agility and scalability.
  3. Utilize a project management platform for centralizing tasks, deadlines, and updates: We help customize platforms to meet project management needs, ensuring momentum for dispersed or office-based teams.

Team Spotlight

Celebrating New Beginnings and Milestones

Ryan Marinas

We’re rolling out the welcome mat as he steps into the Client Services team! With his proven track record at our Service Desk, we’re excited to see the fresh perspectives he’ll bring to his new role. Congratulations Ryan on 4 years with TenisiTech! 

Ryan Kasprzyk

Starting his journey with us on February 26th, Ryan Kasprzyk has already shown immense promise and enthusiasm. His commitment to excellence is evident, and we’re excited about the value he will add to our team. Welcome to the Team Ryan!

Will Davis

A round of applause for Will Davis, who has recently earned his CompTIA A+ Certification! This achievement is not just a testament to his dedication to personal growth but also enhances our collective expertise in delivering top-notch services to our clients.

Boosting Productivity & Security with 1Password

In an age where data security is paramount, 1Password stands out as a must-have tool for both personal and professional use.

Offering seamless integration and unbeatable security features, it’s no wonder why 1Password is a favorite among our team and clients alike. Discover how 1Password can transform your digital security practices.

Why They Love IT

by Ann Babler
Service Desk Lead – 2 years at TenisiTech! 

“I love IT because it offers endless opportunities for learning and problem-solving. My fascination with computers began in high school when I’d sneak down to the office at night. I’d cover our dial-up modem with a pillow, hoping my parents wouldn’t hear it over the TV, just so I could connect to chat rooms.

The IT industry is constantly evolving, presenting the challenge and excitement of integrating new tools into existing processes. There’s nothing quite like the satisfaction of a user thanking me for resolving a stubborn issue that was hindering their work!” – Ann Babler, Service Desk Lead

Client feedback about Ann’s stellar IT support:

“Ann is always fantastic! Her follow-up is unbeatable.” – Sonoma County Tourism Bureau, Inc.

“Ann was super helpful and kind on the phone. She was able to resolve my issue quickly. Thank you!” – The Elizabeth Hospice

“Ann was great. She resolved the issue right away!” – The Arc, San Francisco